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ASEAN-EEA Data Protection Executive Briefing

ASEAN-EEA Data Protection Executive Briefing: We deliver high level strategic executive briefing on ASEAN data protection regime ranging from cultural trends, industries-based, issues-based, ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) updates, and to data protection regulatory regime updates.

ASEAN-EEA Data Protection Strategic Consulting

ASEAN-EEA Data Protection Strategic Consulting: We provide tailor-made strategic consulting by mapping our Data Diagnosis model to the respective ASEAN member states to which any EEA businesses and stakeholders might have investment, business operations and/or potential investment.

ASEAN-EEA Data Protection Referral

ASEAN-EEA Data Protection Referral: We head and co-head potential referral on any ASEAN data protection matters that might be of your partners and clients’ interest. This is executed by way of our QC Global Referral Model.

ASEAN-EEA Data Protection Workshop, Seminar & Training

ASEAN-EEA Data Protection Workshop, Seminar & Training: We teamwork with our strategic business partners to offer in-house, public and bespoke data protection training.

ASEAN-EEA Data Protection Private/Public Consultations

ASEAN-EEA Data Protection Private/Public Consultations: We offer representation to put your stance and strands feasible in potential private and public consultations that affect your investment and businesses in ASEAN.

ASEAN-Non EEA Consultative Collaboration & Referral

ASEAN-Non EEA Consultative Collaboration & Referral: We consult with, and refer to, our leading ASEAN-based strategic business partners on such 360-degree data protection issues (technology, business, governance & compliance, culture and human capital).

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